Haas to introduce final 2016 upgrade in Singapore

Mark Sutton/Sutton Images

Haas will introduce its final upgrade package of 2016 at the Singapore Grand Prix in a bid to overhaul Toro Rosso in the battle for seventh.

After a strong start to its debut season Haas' performances have dropped off, with its only points in the last ten races coming from Romain Grosjean's seventh place in Austria. The team showed renewed pace in Belgium and Italy, with team boss Guenther Steiner calling the latter a missed opportunity to score points.

When asked if the pace at the last two races was a sign of progress, Steiner said: "I think it was track-related. [Monza] and Spa we were pretty good, Spa was better. Also Hockenheim we were already a little bit ahead. We need to see if we can continue this trend in the next races.

"We have a small upgrade package for Singapore, which will carry on the whole season obviously, so that will be something to judge in Singapore. But Singapore is a bit of a gamble anyway so we want to see if we can get it to work properly and then be ready for the races afterwards. But we hope the trend continues."

Speaking about Ferrari's upgraded power unit, which Haas had at Monza, Steiner commented: "Absolutely it was a step forward. How much is difficult to say becase we don't have any direct comparson. But it was a step forward - without that we wouldn't have made it into Q3."

By contrast, Toro Rosso -- 17 points ahead in the standings -- is equipped with a 2015 Ferrari power unit which has not been upgraded all season. The team has slipped down the pecking order as the season has continued and Steiner sees no reason Haas cannot keep closing the gap.

"We will try to catch up to Toro Rosso. You need to set your goals, if you just say 'we learn' and set no real target it sounds a little bit too easy. Our target is to try and catch Toro Rosso.

"That would be a fantastic thing to do but it's difficult, because if the top five teams don't have problems, to get in the top ten is difficult. Then even if you finish 10th it is only one point. I think we are 17 behind or something, but we will try our best to do it."