Max Verstappen vows not to change 'aggressive' approach

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Max Verstappen says he has no plans to change his driving style in response to criticism from fellow drivers following the Belgian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was accused of moving under braking while defending from Kimi Raikkonen, which a number of drivers have raised as a concern. Although there is no rule against it, it leaves the following driver with minimal time to react and it is likely to raised in the Friday driver briefing for the second time in three races.

But Verstappen remains unrepentant and says he has no reason to change his approach until the stewards penalise him.

"The way I drive brought me into Formula One, so I don't think there is any reason to change -- I didn't get any penalties [in Spa]," he said. "I understand that I am very aggressive in my defending, but that's how you score points at the end of the day as well -- you keep them behind.

"It's not because other drivers tell me to change my driving style that l will change my driving style."

Verstappen said he had no interest in going over the events of Spa and would rather look forward this weekend's race in Monza.

"To be honest for me Spa is done. I think in general it was a great weekend, I enjoyed it a lot -- especially to see so many fans coming to the track with the orange colours it was amazing to see. So for me what happened in the race can happen sometimes but I just focus ahead to Monza."