Former Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber takes part in podium shoey

The Formula 1 podium shoey has returned, but this time it was Australian former F1 driver Mark Webber who got in on the action.

Following a crazy 44-lap Belgian Grand Prix, Webber was on post-race podium duties interviewing winner Nico Rosberg, but his role quickly changed as fellow Aussie Daniel Ricciardo proceeded to remove his race boot and fill it with champagne.

But unlike his post-race celebration at the German Grand Prix last month, Ricciardo wasn't going to down the concoction himself.

Instead as Webber turned to congratulate his fellow countryman for his second placing, Ricciardo handed him the boot and there was no way Webber was going to say no to that celebration.

We can't wait for Ricciardo's next podium finish!