Sebastian Vettel on Halo opposition: Nothing justifies death

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel believes no argument against Halo could "justify death" and has criticised his fellow drivers for not presenting a united front on the issue ahead of Thursday's key vote.

Formula One's Strategy Group is voting on whether to implement the controversial cockpit safety device for 2017, which would be one the one of the most significant decisions in the history of F1. During Thursday's media session at Hockenheim, the drivers appeared to be divided on the issue, with Romain Grosjean saying he would vote against it if given the chance.

However, Vettel appeared frustrated to hear fellow drivers speaking against the Halo, saying they recently voted overwhelmingly in support of the structure.

"I am a bit surprised because it sounded as if we were clear about what we want in the future," Vettel said in Thursday's FIA press conference. "We had a vote amongst the drivers and I think 90, 95 percent voted for it so I don't know why all of a sudden it comes up the way it does. I think it is the wrong impression as the majority have said.

"We don't like the looks of it but I don't think there is anything that justifies death. We've always learnt from what happened, incidents on track, and tried to improve. That will be the first time in human history that we have learned the lesson but we don't change. I think it is up to us that it does happen otherwise I think we would be quite stupid."

In Budapest the FIA showed drivers a presentation which highlighted the fact they would be 17 percent more likely to have survived in previous incidents, which was enough to sway Lewis Hamilton's previous opposition. Though the teams have been given the initiative to vote on the issue, Vettel thinks the FIA should force it through regardless of the outcome.

Asked if he was frustrated the teams, and not the drivers, had the vote, he said: "Well, I think ultimately the FIA can do what they want -- on safety grounds they can do what they want. I think the message is clear, the feedback from the drivers, except from the odd one or two here or there, has been fairly clear."