Manor eyeing more aggressive tyre selections

Andre/Sutton Images

Manor boss Dave Ryan admits the team has been too conservative with its tyre choices so far in 2016 and hopes for a change in mentality as the season goes on.

Manor's tyre choices have gone against the grain in the first five races and the team is bringing the fewest amount of ultra-soft tyres to the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. The team has favoured harder compounds in order to maximise track time during practice for Rio Haryanto and Pascal Wehrlein and aid Manor's development push.

Ryan thinks the team can learn from the aggressive approach taken around the grid but feels justified in the route Manor has taken in the opening five races.

Asked if he felt, with hindsight, the team had been conservative in its selections so far, Ryan said: "Yeah, we probably have been. I think we made the choices based on what we thought was right at the time.

"There's no disputing if you look at the tyre choices other teams have made, they've been a bit more aggressive than we have been and maybe we need to go in the same direction. But we're comfortable with what we had, we feel we had the right tyres available at the last race.

"You've got to remember at the end of 40 minutes in FP1 you've got to throw one set of tyres away, at the end of that session you've got to give away another two sets, and then another two sets [after FP2 and FP3]. So you go through them pretty quick."

However, Ryan thinks the team's choices look worse when compared to the other selections made around the grid.

"If you look at anything in hindsight you say 'we could have done that differently'. Would we have made the same tyre choice again? Obviously not, based on what everyone else has. But we're allowed to make our own minds up and that's what we've done, and we believed we were right at the time.

"Going forward we've got the same opportunities as everyone else to pick tyres so we'll either get it right or not. What dictates getting it right is ultimately what the winning team selects, isn't it? That kinds of flavors it to a certain extend. But we're comfortable with where we are, so we'll see."