Max Verstappen already happy with Ferrari engine switch

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

After his first week of pre-season testing with Ferrari engines, Max Verstappen is happy with Toro Rosso's switch from Renault power this year.

Toro Rosso's parent company Red Bull fell out with Renault last year and engine supply deal was only renewed for the senior team with the power units branded as TAG-Heuer. A supply of year-old Ferrari engines was secured for Toro Rosso, and although the team will not benefit from any of the updates the other Ferrari customers will receive on the 2016 power unit, Verstappen is happy with the swap.

"For sure normally the new engine should improve a bit but I think we are already very happy with what we have," he said. "It feels good. Also the relationship together with them is all very positive. We help each other a lot and I'm very happy."

Verstappen finished last year's championship in 12th with Toro Rosso seventh in the standings after several missed opportunities. The 18-year-old is not expecting a major change in the order next season.

"So far there is not too much feeling, we are trying to work on the car like others are doing. The situation hasn't changed upside down from last year completely but it will be interesting to see in Melbourne when everyone opens up their cars.

"I've had two good test days, even though I would have liked to have done more laps, there is two more test days so I will try to extract the maximum amount from them. I will try to personalise the car a little bit more and figure out where we can make more steps forward and develop the car for the first race. Even at the first race we will continue to understand the car and continue to improve the performance."