Nico Rosberg: Mercedes W07's innovations 'ahead of the game'

Nico Rosberg has been impressed by Mercedes' steady stream of new parts during this week's pre-season test at Barcelona and believes many of the concepts on the W07 are ahead of the game.

Mercedes drew attention to their garage on Tuesday when they rolled out slatted barge boards and new floor, known as 'Floor W' within the team. On Thursday a new nose appeared on the W07, named 'Bruce' because mechanics believed it resembled the shark from the movie Jaws, along with an updated front wing.

The new nose features an S-duct, giving it its distinctive look, and also incredibly small mountings to the modified front wing. Rosberg said the updates were having the desired effect.

"It's quick, the car is quick, and I love the way it looks. If you look at it there is some real innovation on there and it's cool that you can really see the progress of how far we've come as a team.

"If you look five years ago we weren't able to make such innovation, but now there are so many different things that are ahead of the game. I'm not saying we are definitely the quickest but there is some good stuff on the car and that's impressive."

Mercedes has calculated where it is compared to its rivals, but Rosberg was not willing to share the details.

"We have strategists and they have been doing the calculations already, so we more or less know where we are. Would you like to know? Well, sorry I can't say!

"But we know where we are, but with a band for error because they are able to see full tanks, low tanks and after a while they get a picture of where everyone is. That's quite fascinating to see that work and we do have a picture."

Mercedes has not been fastest on any of the test days so far, but has also not ventured away from the medium compound tyres. The team has been running the W07 on high fuel loads in search of reliability issues and will start performance testing in the second test.

"Of course I love to go really fast with low fuel, so I'm looking forward to that. Pounding round on mediums with lots of fuel is eventually not going to be so exciting at the end of it. We look forward to taking away some fuel.

"We found a few bits and pieces that broke on the car and we wouldn't have found them with only 2000km. That has been useful because for sure that will help us at the beginning of the season. We're confident that it's been the right thing to do and has gone well. It's stuff we've found during the day, not race stoppers but stuff you don't really want to see happen."