Renault: 2016 constructors' position not important


Renault's new racing director Fredric Vasseur has not set a target position for his team in the constructor's championship this year.

Vasseur is part of the new management at Renault's works team, which took over the Lotus outfit that finished sixth in the standings last year amid financial struggles. But when asked what a successful season would look like for Renault's returning works team, Vasseur said championship positions do not matter as long as progress is being made behind the scenes.

"It is not important in terms of ranking," he said. "We know the situation and we only took on the company on the 19th of December, so the purpose of me is not to say P9, P7 or P5. The first objective is to build up a strong team and build up a base for the next seasons."

Vasseur said Lotus was remarkably competitive last year considering its off-track struggles, but Renault's return to the top could take as long as five years.

"We have to take time to be a competitive team. We had a tough year last year, but even at the end they were not far in terms of performance and in Spa they were on the podium. The basics are there and we have to take care to build up a new team.

"If you have a look in the past, from the cycle of Red Bull and Ferrari, they took five years to be champion ... and the same even for Mercedes, which started as world champions [after Brawn GP's success in 2009]. I think it is a normal cycle."