Refuelling back on F1 agenda

Frank Robichon/AFP/Getty Images

F1 bosses are once again considering bringing back refuelling to Formula One, FIA president Jean Todt has confirmed.

Refuelling has not been part of F1 races since it was dropped at the end of 2009 due to spiralling costs. Last May F1 bosses agreed to bring it back as part of the planned 2017 rules shake-up but it was quickly dropped after a "100 percent negative" response.

However, it appears it has not disappeared from the agenda completely and Todt says a lot of the old concerns about refuelling no longer exist.

"Yes, it is true," Todt said. "If you have some doubt about something, and personally and honestly I have a doubt ... talking with the working group meeting we re-address is it right not to have refuelling?

"You know the reason why it was banned, refuelling? It was the cost of carrying the fuel rig. Now we are in a kind of modern area where we know how it works."

Todt has made no secret of his desire to bring costs down in F1, as evidenced by his push for a solution around the high prices of customer engines. The Frenchman thinks the cost would be worth it if it resulted in more entertaining races.

"We are talking about €50,000 a year. If it is good for the show ... I'm in favour of reducing the cost but that is not a key point on the global cost of Formula One.

Asked if it it could be brought back in time for 2017, Todt replied: "At least we should discuss it."