Jean Todt confident budget engine will not be needed

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Jean Todt is optimistic F1's power unit manufacturers will put forward acceptable proposals that negate the need for a cheap engine alternative.

Ferrari's decision to veto cost cap measures in October prompted FIA president Todt and F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone to push for an independent 'budget' engine to alleviate costs for smaller teams. A tender process was even set in motion but it was put on hold in November when the four current manufacturers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda) agreed to cooperate and work on an alternative plan.

The deadline for that proposal was January 15 [Friday] but Todt says it will take until next Tuesday for anything to be officially decided.

"I have some global ideas with proposals from the manufacturers, but we have to put things right," Todt said at the Autosport International Show. "The manufacturers met under the leadership of the FIA -- mainly in Geneva -- several times and they all were together with an agenda which was written by the FIA.

"They are going to make some proposals by tonight. I have proposals on most of the items which I feel are going in the right direction and on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock we have a Strategy Meeting in Geneva and the day after we have the F1 Commission in Geneva, so that's where we are."

Todt's motivation for pushing a customer engine was to control costs for customer teams over the engines they are receiving.

Asked if he is confident the manufacturer's proposals will be good enough to warrant scrapping that plan, he replied: "I think we are very close [to a solution]. I hope that people have some good sense because it's our championship, you know? It's their interests. It's the interests of the teams, it's the interests of the commercial rights holder. That's why I think in a normal world with sensible people we should all be able to agree on the good solutions."