Michael Schumacher situation 'painful' - Jean Todt

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

FIA president Jean Todt has admitted it is "painful" to see Michael Schumacher in his current situation.

Schumacher is still recovering from the severe head injuries he suffered in a skiing accident in December 2013, though official updates about his condition have been kept minimal. Todt was Ferrari team principal for five of Schumacher's world titles while his son, Nicolas, was manager of the late Jules Bianchi, who died last year from head injuries sustained at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

The FIA president says Schumacher is like family to him and admits his current state is difficult to see.

"I will not compare them," Todt said on Friday. "I knew Jules through my son . It is terrible to lose someone in an accident. For Michael is it different because he was like my family. When you have someone who is family, who is very close, when they are injured it is painful and you have to be with them."

Todt, who was speaking at the annual Sid Watkins lecture, says he intends to visit Schumacher on Friday evening. The FIA president recently met Pope Francis earlier in the week and asked him to pray for Schumacher's health.

"For Michael it is different because he is like my family and if you have somebody who is like family or is very close and is badly injured of course it is painful and you have to be there with the family. Tonight I will be there for him. That is the bad side of life."