Pirelli launches fan vote to decide 'ultra-soft' compound colour

Mirko Stange/Sutton Images

Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli has launched a social media vote for fans to decide on the sidewall colour of its proposed ultra-soft compound for the 2016 season.

Pirelli wants to expand its compound range next year to give teams greater choice in tyres following some of the criticisms from the current season. During the washed out afternoon practice session in Austin, Pirelli asked fans to suggest colours for the new compound.

The ultra-soft will join Pirelli's four other dry compounds, super-soft (red), soft (yellow), medium (white) and hard (orange). At each race, the tyre supplier picks a softer "option" tyre and a "prime" tyre, which must both be used during a race. It also has intermediate and wet tyres in its range.