SF15-T still not a Ferrari James Allison can be completely proud of

Ferrari technical director James Allison says his team has to do more before it can be really proud of the car it is putting on track each week.

At Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel achieved the team's pre-season target of two race victories after taking the lead at the first corner and holding off the opposition until the chequered flag. But while Allison is happy with the team's progress since 2014, he is under no illusion that there is still plenty of work to do.

"I'm completely happy with the victory and the season as a whole," he said. "I think we can be happy that we have demonstrated we have stepped up from last year, but there is an awful lot more for us to do as a team before we can feel that we are really showing a Ferrari that everyone can be really proud of.

"We've said throughout that our car isn't good enough to challenge for any sort of championship this year. We will do our best to get more and more competitive race by race, but you have to be realistic about where we are working from."

Allison admitted the results in Canada, Austria and Great Britain were below what the team should be achieving.

"I think that the last three races have been subpar for our team. We haven't brought home what we should have done with the opportunities we had. This was more of a return to what we hoped for from the weekend, with an additional bonus thrown in by the difficulties of the people in front of us."

Asked to compare the Hungary victory with the team's first win of 2015 in Malaysia, Allison added: "The similarities are that if you get away well at the start, you are in free air and you can have your race without compromise, it makes a lot of difference to the overall race. Another similarity is that the fastest of our competitors, [Lewis] Hamilton, was not there because of his own difficulties and that was also the case in Malaysia. "But the best similarity is that on both those tracks the car had good pace, and when you have good pace you can do good things."