'Something incredible' to equal Ayrton Senna's record - Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel could not put in to words how it feels to match Ayrton Senna's 41 F1 victories but said his main thoughts were with the late Jules Bianchi after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Vettel jumped the Mercedes drivers off the line and was unchallenged throughout as chaos and drama unfolded behind him. It is his second win since moving to Ferrari from Red Bull last year and moves him joint on the all-time list behind Alain Prost (51) and Michael Schumacher (91).

However, Vettel says matching Senna's landmark paled in comparison to the emotions felt for Bianchi.

"Mentioning Senna's record is something incredible; I don't know how to put this in words," Vettel said. "I think nevertheless today is for Jules and his family, I think that's bigger than anything else.

"Certainly for us, for the team, for myself, we had an amazing day. I had a great start and obviously a bit hairy with the safety car at the end where we had to push again. Unfortunately lost Kimi's comfortable second position, also due to a problem he suffered. So I don't know I think you can take the last couple of days up and down - both emotionally and in the performance, I think it's difficult to beat.

"It was a tough start, tough week, especially with Tuesday [Bianchi's funeral], and then to think about Jules again on the grid. Certainly very emotional and difficult to get back in the rhythm, but then you find yourself in the car, visor down, and so many things you have to think about - there's not very much space for other things. I guess we do what we love to do, what we have to do."

Vettel thinks the way the F1 community raced on after Bianchi's death last Friday proves the passion the drivers have for the sport.

"It's incredible without a doubt. Look, at the end we have a common attachment to something we love. We are very different people, different guys, but we share a great passion as drivers. I think the love for racing is bigger than anything else."