Romain Grosjean determined not to be an F1 'nearly man'

Mark Sutton/Sutton Images

Grosjean is in his fourth year at Lotus and in that time has experienced the highs of podium finishes in 2013 and the lows of struggling for points in 2014. This season Lotus is more competitive than a year ago, but still a long way off the pace of the front runners.

Comparing his career to fellow midfield driver Nico Hulkenberg, Grosjean said he is still performing at a high level despite no longer being on the podium.

"In 2013 we were the two that everybody was talking about and he was doing a good job at Sauber and I was doing a good job at Lotus, but then we both had difficult years and of course you are no longer on the front page of the newspaper.

"But you know what you are doing is still the best you can do and hopefully people that take the decision still know you are doing a good job. As long as you are in front of your team-mate and you are getting good results, every time there is an opportunity you are on it then that is what you are aiming for."

Asked if he was eager to leave Lotus soon for a team further up the grid, Grosjean added: "Not really. It depends on the opportunity you can get and what's going on in the [driver] market and the paddock. It's a good team to be at, as I said last year, we have been capable of winning races with Kimi [Raikkonen] and being close with myself and then we had a difficult year.

"Now we are building back up again from a strong base and it's a good team to be at. We are not going to challenge Ferrari and Mercedes right now for the championship, but again it depends on the opportunities you can get. At the minute I am pretty happy here."