Red Bull reverts to 2014-spec brakes

Sutton Images

Red Bull has switched to the Brembo specification brakes it used in 2014 to address the issues faced at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo could only finish ninth and tenth in Malaysia as both drivers struggled with overheating front brakes. The team had been trailing Hitco brakes but has made a change ahead of this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix in an attempt to mend its recent form.

"We have done quite a bit," Ricciardo said. "The main points from Malaysia were we had brake issues, a lot of overheating, so we have reverted back on a few things, even from last year which we knew was more efficient. Just because it's from last year it doesn't mean it's not better, so I guess we have taken a step back in that direction, but on top of that we have some aero upgrades, which look promising. The team has done quite a lot to rectify some issues and get us further up the grid."

Kvyat has experience of Brembo brakes from his time at Toro Rosso last season and doubts the switch will make too much difference to the feel of the car or to performance.

"We had problems that were compromising our race quite a lot, to be honest ... sometimes it happens," the Russian said. "Hopefully this weekend it should run OK. They do feel different in how you press them, but there's not a massive difference. Sometimes you get a little bit more deceleration in one place or another. But the concept of the brakes is quite similar."

Red Bull and Renault's relationship came under strain in the opening two rounds after the team blamed its engine supplier for its lack of competitiveness, only for the French manufacturer to counter saying there were failings on the aerodynamic side too. Kvyat admits the struggles of Malaysia opened Red Bull's eyes to improvements which need to be made.

"We saw in Malaysia not everything is perfect so there will be future updates and hopefully they will get better and better. The Malaysia weekend opened our eyes a little bit and it's important sometimes to understand where we stand and where the issues are coming from. Now it's up to things to improve."