KSV sweeps Jin Air, Olivers slay KD Monster

KSV eSports players huddle up following a game. Provided by Riot Games

KSV 2-0 Jin Air Green Wings

Despite some trouble in Game 1, KSV eSports swept Jin Air Green Wings to close out Day 3 of the 2018 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split.

KSV entered the series as clear favorites, but Game 1 ended up being a 50-minute slugfest that could have gone either way. Thanks to aggressive laning and smart counter positioning, JAG managed to jump out to an early lead, only for KSV (formerly Samsung Galaxy) to slowly regain the advantage by playing safe and smart. The comeback centered on KSV's jungler Kang "Ambition" Chan-yong, who along with posting a 4/1/8 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) was absolutely critical in controlling the objectives with his Zac, dictating the pace to better suit his team. Game 2 was much more of a stomp, with KSV completing a perfect game and not giving up a single kill.

It's worth noting that new JAG support Kwon "Wraith" Ji-min, who had spent three years with KSV before leaving this preseason, struggled mightily in his first matchup against his former team. Current KSV support and longtime teammate, Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in, utterly dominated his counterpart, posting a 2/0/7 KDA on Tahm Kench to net MVP honors.

While KSV looked shaky during Game 1, JAG also deserves credit for exploiting KSV's early game shortcomings. So long as JAG continues to utilize its optimal lineup instead of switching between subs frequently like in splits past, the team could string together enough chemistry to compete with its top regional opponents.

JAG will get another test at the LCK's top dogs when it faces SK Telecom T1 on Saturday at 6 a.m ET, while KSV plays its next match against Afreeca Freecs next Thursday at 6 a.m ET.

--Dylan Sen

bbq Olivers 2-1 Kongdoo Monster

It took all three games, but bbq Olivers managed to take down Kongdoo Monster to open up the day.

Both teams built up to admirable wins, with Kongdoo taking the first game and bbq Olivers taking the second. With the series tied at 1-1, bbq's offseason addition, jungler Kim "Trick" Gang-yun's Kha'Zix went off, illustrated by a 4/3/8 KDA (kills/deaths/assists). Buoyed by a hot start, Trick's early aggression paved the way for mid laner Kang "Tempt" Mangyu's Malzahar to run wild, moving around the map with little trepidation. When it was all said and done, Tempt finished with a 4/0/12 KDA, as bbq Olivers waltzed away with a commanding Game 3 victory. Despite its best effort, Kongdoo simply couldn't stop the momentum that Trick and company built through a strong laning phase and complete neutral objective control.

Having spent the past two years with G2 Esports in Europe, it was a bit jarring to see the normally reserved Trick completely flip the script in his first LCK game of the season, turning into the catalyst for his team's offensive maneuvers all throughout the series. If Thursday's performance is indicative of Trick's versatility, then bbq Olivers could emerge as a middle-tier team in a top-heavy league.

Bbq Olivers will return to the Rift to play ROX Tigers next Tuesday at 6 a.m ET, while Kongdoo's next game will be against ROX Tigers next Thursday at 3 a.m ET.

--Dylan Sen