Kongdoo Monster continues to flop in loss against Samsung Galaxy

Lee "CuVee" Seong-jin when KSV was named Samsung Galaxy. Provided by Riot Games

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Samsung Galaxy opened up Week 8, Day 5 of League of Legends Champions Korea with an easy 2-0 sweep of Kongdoo Monster on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung (10-4, 22-12 match record) started Game 1 on a high note, picking up first blood just over five minutes in. From there, Samsung started getting picks left and right to put together an almost 2,000-gold lead by 20 minutes. While it owned a 5-to-2 kill advantage, Kongdoo (1-13, 6-27 match record) kept itself in striking distance with a tower, Cloud Drake and Infernal Drake of its own to keep Samsung honest. Despite its best efforts, though, the lead did just that after Kongdoo tried to contest a Baron attempt by Samsung at 29 minutes, which ended up with Kongdoo losing four members and the Baron. While that buff set Samsung ahead even more, a second buff at 37 minutes really cemented its lead and allowed Samsung to pick up the 3-for-0 that gave it the 38-minute win in Game 1.

Game 2 followed a very similar script to the first, with Samsung getting an early first blood. While it took almost 10 more minutes for it to find another kill, Samsung managed to control the game enough to take the first five kills of the game to amass a 6,000 gold lead by the 22-minute mark. Just a couple minutes later, the kill lead was 7-to-3 and the gold lead was 10,000 in favor of Samsung. AD carry Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk's Ezreal was leading the way with four kills en route to a 7/2/2 KDA (kills/deaths/assists). Kongdoo tried to turn the game on its head with a Baron secure at 27 minutes, but by then it was far too little too late. It wasn't able to do anything with the buff as Samsung actually grew its own lead during Kongdoo's buff on the back of a 3-for-0 teamfight as the buff was dwindling down. Samsung didn't even need the next Baron to push into Kongdoo's base and completely raze it for the 34-minute win to secure the series sweep.

Samsung Galaxy will be back early on Tuesday with a matchup against Jin Air Green Wings at 7 a.m. ET, while Kongdoo Monster won't be back until Thursday at 1 a.m. ET to also face Jin Air.