I May demolish Game Talents in clean sweep

Top laner Shek "AmazingJ" Wai Ho. Provided by Fomos/kenzi.

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I May demolished Game Talents to kick off Week 6, Day 4 of the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai, taking a commanding 2-0 series sweep on Sunday.

I May (5-5, 11-12 match record) got on the board early with a first blood in the top lane, allowing top laner Shek "AmazingJ" Wai Ho's Camille to snowball out of control. Rotating as a team, I May smothered Game Talents (3-6, 8-14 match record) in the mid game, picking up a 5-for-0 ace on the back of a triple kill from AD carry Xie "Jinjiao" Jin-Shan's Ashe that secured Baron buff for IM. With AmazingJ popping off, dealing a game-high 14,100 damage to enemy champions while earning a flawless 2/0/9 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 79 percent kill participation, I May cruised to a ruthlessly quick Game 1 win in just over 23 minutes.

It took longer for I May to get going in Game 2, but overall the script didn't change much. I May earned a mid game lead through solid skirmishing before finding a crucial teamfight around Baron to open the game up. Taking a 4-for-1 teamfight at the 25-minute mark on the back of AmazingJ's Camille, again earning MVP honors by dealing a game-high 19,100 damage while posting a 5/0/9 KDA for 78 percent kill participation, I May secured a Baron kill at 26 minutes and would use the buff to destroy Game Talents. While it was admirable of Game Talents to allow I May to basically pick their team composition from Game 1, it came back to bite Game Talents as I May took the series with a 29-minute win.

Game Talents have little time to recover from this thorough thrashing as they face Snake Esports on Thursday at 8 a.m ET, while I May will look to maintain their momentum as they take on EDward Gaming on Friday at 8 a.m ET.