Rocket League Championship Series power rankings

X Games will host a $75,000 FACEIT Rocket League event in Minneapolis next month as a part of its annual action sports competition and arts and entertainment festival. Psyonix

With the 15 teams in the Rocket League Championship Series locked in, it's time to predict how each will stack up in their regions. Europe? Check. North America? Check.

Here's our predictions for the six-week RLCS season beginning this Saturday.

North America

1. G2 Esports

G2 Esports comes in with its best roster to date, one that finally lives up to the skill of captain Cameron "Kronovi" Bills. If G2 plays to its potential skill level and Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo can keep his form going, it should comfortably finish with the top spot in North America.

2. NRG Esports

A very close second, NRG Esports will look to complete its third time as the No. 1 seed from North America. With the addition of Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon, the team has "potential," but to call it a favorite would be a stretch. The match between G2 and NRG could decide North America's top spot.

3. Genesis

Genesis is hard to dissect. Purely based off of individual skill, it'd rank easily in the Top 3. The potential to tilt looms largely over Genesis though. When it's lost a first game in a three-set series, it's shown signs of struggle. But if Genesis can keep its heads level and keep Trevor "Insolences" Carmody in his current form, the sky is the limit.

4. Selfless

Whether or not Selfless can finish in the Top 4 relies heavily on how consistent its lineup can be. If it keeps rolling on its current momentum, it'll likely clinch that spot. Selfless has shown its potential peak with a win over Iris, and if that level sticks around, Selfless could even take down G2 or NRG, and perhaps push higher.

5. Take 3

Take 3 had a worrying start to the offseason, locking in its roster at pretty much the last minute. The team looked strong in open qualifiers though; losing 3-2 to Genesis isn't a bad start and a sweep over Heroes of Tomorrow to qualify looks pretty good, all things considered. If Take 3 can improve as it plays together, it might even be able to start taking sets off Genesis.

6. Denial Esports

Denial is a team that we underrated mostly due to lack of results. Losing 3-1 to NRG and beating Spectrum and Eggplant isn't a terrible result in any way, but Denial will look to keep pushing up towards the upper echelons of North American Rocket League.

7. Atelier

Atelier is hard to rank. It has one of the best single players in North America, Isaac "Turtle" App, but what he has surrounded himself with looks nowhere near the level of Orbit from last season. Losing 3-2 to Radiance is frankly a shocking result for the level Atelier would expect to play at. Bringing it back a bit by taking down Freestylers In Disguise 3-1 is a much more solid record, but we need to see more from Atelier to move them up the rankings.

8. Radiance

It feels wrong to rank Radiance so low, since it completed the biggest comeback in all of RLCS. Taking down both Iris and Atelier to qualify in the winners bracket is one of the biggest upsets in the history of Rocket League. Unfortunately, it seems quite likely that Radiance will be the punching bag of North American League Play.


1. FlipSid3 Tactics

FlipSid3 Tactics is still the best team in the world. We've said this for eight months but it's really just the truth. Led by Mark "Markydooda" Exton, FlipSid3 will look to solidify the fact that it's still the top dog in global Rocket League. The only concerns for the team and its dream of a second consecutive title are the surging contenders, Northern Gaming and Team Secrecy.

2. Northern Gaming

What do you get when you take the second best team in the world and add the best free agent in the world? A true contender for the top spot. David "Deevo" Morrow will look to be the edge Northern needs to surpass FlipSid3. While that's a tall order, Northern should feel confident in its ability to become top contenders in Europe, especially under the leadership of Remco "Remkoe" den Boer.

3. Team Secrecy

Team Secrecy today is the fruition of a lot of hard work. With the addition of Linus "al0t" Möllergren, the team has hopes of being a contender at the very top of the global stage. Qualifying with a 3-0 over Red Eye, Secrecy might just ride that wave of good form for all it's worth as it heads into League Play.

4. Pocket Aces

Pocket comes in over Mock-it for one reason and one reason alone: the 3-2 defeat it handed Mock-it to qualify for League Play. Pocket and Mock-it are as close as two teams can be and the fact that one of them will most likely not qualify for the Grand Finals feels like a crime. With the core of the Mock-it roster that finished second last season, Pocket coming in fourth is much more of a testament to Europe's strength than its individual weakness.

5. Mock-it Esports

Mock-it qualified for League Play 3-0 over PENTA after a heartbreaking loss to Pocket Aces. If we could put two teams in fourth, we would, but unfortunately, someone has to end up fifth and today that's Mock-it. Similarly to Pocket, Mock-it being fifth speaks truly to how stacked Europe is as a region. If the team were in North America, Mock-it would be surely be contending for the top spot.

6. The Leftovers

The Leftovers qualified for the RLCS League Play with a 3-1 over Leaf Esports. Don't let the scoreline deceive you, the performance put in by Nicolai "Snaski" Andersen was one of the best individual performances in the history of Rocket League. If Snaski can somehow keep that level up for League Play, two things will happen: One, Snaski will inevitably become the best player in the world. Two, Leftovers will make the Grand Finals. Short of that, a sixth place gatekeeper finish for The Leftovers is the expected result.

7. Cow Nose

Cow Nose (formerly Xedec Nation) begins the group rounding out Europe's League Play participants. Beating The Leftovers 3-2 almost edged the sixth spot for Cow Nose and getting 3-0'd by FlipSid3 is nothing look down upon but if you want to be a Top 6 team in RLCS, dropping a game to Copenhagen Flames can't happen. Cow Nose is a solid team but the skill above it is going to be hard to surpass.

Copenhagen Flames/Leaf Esports/Red Eye/PENTA

Due to Zentox being disqualified, a playoff will be held between the four teams listed above to determine the final participant..