soO reaches grand finals of Global SC II League

Eo "soO" Yoon Su is a South Korean Zerg player who has qualified for the GSL finals no fewer than five times in his career so far. Shayla Conway

Eo "soO" Yoon Su advanced to the grand finals of the Global StarCraft II League Season One: Code S after a 4-2 victory over Jin Air Green Wings' Kim "sOs" Yoo Jin on Tuesday.

The legendary Zerg, soO showed off his great resistance and defense throughout the set and took advantage of all of his race's advantages in adaptation and macro play. While sOs played aggressively, soO countered and swarmed back in a decisive manner.

The plan for sOs was simple: Take early advantages in economy and play the macro game. For the most part, it was effective and allowed for the Protoss player to dictate the pace of the matches. Whether it was sOs pylon blocking expansions or Adept pressure, he controlled the early game.

Unfortunately for the crowd favorite, the defense of soO's Zerg was too strong throughout the set, and his counter play proved efficient and potent against the constant pressure. The common theme in the first map victories for soO was to avert danger and tech up the appropriate fast army to overwhelm the lack of a backup plan from sOs.

The break in the set occurred on Map 4, Abyssal Reef, with the set at 2-1 in favor of soO. The Protoss sOs attempted a strong timing instead of early game aggression for a large macro lead. Despite the success of the timing and subsequent harassment onto soO's main forces, the tech choices from the Zerg proved more effective. With the game evolving into a late-game affair, soO's army composition decisions and iron-clad defense overwhelmed the smaller armies of sOs. With Brood Lords dominating the map, sOs tapped out and took the soul-crushing third loss in the set.

Although sOs tacked on another map win, the advantages of soO's defenses and composition choices continued throughout the set. The clear better player was soO, and he moved onto the grand finals of the GSL.