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     He played in a reserve team game the other day, and I could have run about more than he did       Harry Redknapp launches a scathing attack on QPR midfielder Adel Taarabt following his side's defeat to Liverpool Oct 19, 2014

     I use the word 'embarrassing' because I'm trying to be respectful       We don't think one can be respectful after witnessing one's team on the wrong end of an 8-0 scoreline, Gus Poyet Oct 18, 2014

     They will be s****ing themselves about seeing a few flying Samoans coming their way!      Northampton's George Pisi sounds a warning to his team-mates ahead of Samoa's game against England in November Oct 18, 2014

     “What is burn out? Is that when you are exposed to the sun?”      Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has limited sympathy for Liverpool's Raheem Sterling after the 19-year-old told England coach Roy Hodgson he was tired ahead of their match against Estonia Oct 17, 2014

     If there was a fight, it would take a long time to beat him and I would end up with a few cuts. I don't think he would give up easily!      Fighting talk from Patrick Vieira, who reckons he would come out on top against old enemy Roy Keane - but only just! Oct 17, 2014

     He had a little problem just before he went out at half-time. He had a little pain with his knee, he felt a crack.      Ouch - Arsene Wenger reveals how Mesut Ozil injured his knee in Arsenal's defeat at Chelsea - but carried on playing! Oct 15, 2014

     The situation is desperate - every time the telephone goes, we know it could be the hospital to tell us that Jules is dead      Philippe Bianchi believes his son, who was hurt in an accident at the Japan Grand Prix last week, will pull through Oct 14, 2014

     A lot of crap      Shock horror, Roy Keane doesn't quite agree with Sir Alex Ferguson on something. This time it's the Ryder Cup Oct 14, 2014

     If they feel the don't want me here c'est la vie      Racing Metro's Jamie Roberts on reports he is no longer wanted at the club Oct 14, 2014

     We talk about the 'five-second fury' - when we lose it, go get it back      No, not a move on Street Fighter, but the name of England's new pressing game, according to Jack Wilshere Oct 13, 2014

     They wouldn't have missed a bloke my size if they'd thrown one      Wasps boss Dai Young on the lack of egg-based protests at Adams Park on Sunday Oct 13, 2014

     He is going to destroy the heavyweight division       Promoter Eddie Hearn pulls no punches in his predictions for Anthony Joshua Oct 13, 2014

     Excuse me for being human      Raheem Sterling issues a cheeky Twitter response to angry fans who criticised him for being too tired to start England's victory in Estonia Oct 13, 2014

     Everybody saw the guy in the middle, nicely dressed, with shoes that matched his shirt, refereeing all afternoon with a smile. He spent the week in Paris. He must have visited a lot of things and had a nice walk around … and he did so this afternoon too      Racing Metro coach Laurent Labit is left unimpressed with South African referee Jacob Van Heerden Oct 12, 2014

     I am just being a little bit lazy. But if you want me to get rid of it, I might      Although, Roy Keane did eventually lighten up a bit - here he describes the reason behind his magnificent beard Oct 10, 2014

     The stuff that has been said to me over the years, even from ex-team-mates, is a pack of lies. It's just lies and lies and lies and sometimes you just say: 'Listen, I have got to get up and say something myself and defend myself a little bit'      Roy Keane explains the reason behind writing another half to his already-present autobiography Oct 10, 2014

     You don't give yourself a nickname unless you're bloody struggling      Nick 'Honey Badger Cummins talks to ESPNscrum's Tom 'Chipmunk' Hamilton Oct 9, 2014

     The days of walking in, shouting and screaming and throwing teacups at players were gone. There is no point effing and blinding at a player who can hardly speak English.      Harry Redknapp explains his managerial adaptability in his new book Oct 9, 2014

     A bowler or wicketkeeper delivers a bit of a kick up the backside - just like a goalkeeper shouts at his centre-half. This is international sport, not the Under-11s      Graeme Swann hit back at Kevin Pietersen's claims there was a bullying culture in the England dressing room Oct 8, 2014

     It riled the team and management that KP allowed Piers Morgan to belittle AC [Alastair Cook] and the team on social media. When asked by some of his team mates to get Piers Morgan to stop tweeting about the team, KP laughed at the players and told them to get a thicker skin      A leaked legal document revealed a list of incidents from the Ashes tour used in the case against Kevin Pietersen Oct 8, 2014