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     I owe him everything in my career but he rose to a different level for me in the way he supported me through this      Darren Fletcher has thanked Sir Alex Ferguson for his help while he suffered from a debilitating bowel condition that threatened to end his career Dec 12, 2014

     After Sir Alex Ferguson, he's the best manager in Premier League history. Jose Mourinho hasn't done enough yet      Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has some surprisingly kind words for old enemy Arsene Wenger Dec 12, 2014

     In soccer you don't have to be the one who kicks the ball hardest and furthest. People admire the player with the most skill, the one who does things with the ball that others cannot. In boxing, that person now is Mayweather. Soon it can be Khan      Amir Khan's trainer Virgil Hunter is tipping his man to steal the pound-for-pound king's crown Dec 11, 2014

     Let's see if the sharks let us, because there are a few sharks in the ocean       Jose Mourinho is a sucker for animal analogies Dec 10, 2014

     I was bleeding from my mouth      Erm ... we're sure Lazar Markovic's phantom flick wasn't that bad, Behrang Safari Dec 10, 2014

     It could end up like the Dog & Duck against the Red Lion      Gary Neville fears Manchester United's clash with Liverpool on Sunday could have a "pub match" feel to it Dec 9, 2014

     Everything is s*** because we lost      Southampton manager Ronald Koeman says it like it is after his side's defeat to Manchester United Dec 9, 2014

     I'd rather be here than my house!       Well, we'd expect a brand new £200m-training complex to have that effect, Pablo Zabaleta Dec 8, 2014

     I don't ever intend to dive. I'm a Scouser - we don't do things like that      Ross Barkley hits back at his critics and says he doesn't go to ground too easily Dec 8, 2014

     Love me or hate me. I don't hate anyone. Peace and love. I just don't like c***s      Toulon prop Martin Castrogiovanni does not hold back when talking about his former boss Richard Cockerill Dec 7, 2014

     If it was a boxing match they would definitely have stopped it and you'd be talking to Stuart Bingham as the winner      Ronnie O'Sullivan admits he got lucky after coming back from 4-1 down to reach the UK Championship final Dec 6, 2014

     I think it is disgusting always writing about numbers      That's fair enough, Louis van Gaal. Does that mean you won't be spending £150m in January? Dec 5, 2014

     I miss Champions League football      Probably shouldn't have moved to Manchester United then, Angel Di Maria Dec 5, 2014

     Do I respect them? Yes, almost all of them, the big majority of them obviously I respect      Jose Mourinho cannot speak highly enough of his rivals. Well, most of them... Dec 3, 2014

     You've seen the energy in his legs tonight and his influence on the game as it wore on. It was an outstanding performance from Steven and an excellent goal      Brendan Rodgers couldn't be heaping praise on captain Steven Gerrard in a bid to make him stay at Anfield, could he? Dec 3, 2014

     We came to a point where we weren't communicating as well as we needed to and we didn't want to jeopardise our friendship. I love TW. We still talk. I'm very proud of the way we handled the situation - in a very classy way      Former swing coach Sean Foley insists his split from Tiger Woods was less of a break-up, more of a conscious uncoupling Dec 2, 2014

     I have not taken any decision and speculation is not my thing. One thing is certain: I will stay in football, as a coach, a consultant or executive. We will see      New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry is unsure what the future holds, but refuses to rule out a return to Arsenal Dec 2, 2014

     My vision is for Sam to be a barnstorming back row and we'll see how it unfolds, it'll be a good journey      Bath coach Mike Ford on the long-term plan for Sam Burgess Dec 1, 2014

     You don't want any kind of crack in the door to be open and I felt like we kept it shut from the front nine on      Jordan Spieth has the Australian Open title on lockdown after a round of 63 in Sydney Nov 30, 2014

     A few months ago, I was manager of year and now I'm favourite to get the sack. It's part and parcel of this wonderful life of working in football. It's short-termism      Management talk from Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers Nov 28, 2014