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     I am just being a little bit lazy. But if you want me to get rid of it, I might      Although, Roy Keane did eventually lighten up a bit - here he describes the reason behind his magnificent beard Oct 10, 2014

     The stuff that has been said to me over the years, even from ex-team-mates, is a pack of lies. It's just lies and lies and lies and sometimes you just say: 'Listen, I have got to get up and say something myself and defend myself a little bit'      Roy Keane explains the reason behind writing another half to his already-present autobiography Oct 10, 2014

     You don't give yourself a nickname unless you're bloody struggling      Nick 'Honey Badger Cummins talks to ESPNscrum's Tom 'Chipmunk' Hamilton Oct 9, 2014

     The days of walking in, shouting and screaming and throwing teacups at players were gone. There is no point effing and blinding at a player who can hardly speak English.      Harry Redknapp explains his managerial adaptability in his new book Oct 9, 2014

     A bowler or wicketkeeper delivers a bit of a kick up the backside - just like a goalkeeper shouts at his centre-half. This is international sport, not the Under-11s      Graeme Swann hit back at Kevin Pietersen's claims there was a bullying culture in the England dressing room Oct 8, 2014

     It riled the team and management that KP allowed Piers Morgan to belittle AC [Alastair Cook] and the team on social media. When asked by some of his team mates to get Piers Morgan to stop tweeting about the team, KP laughed at the players and told them to get a thicker skin      A leaked legal document revealed a list of incidents from the Ashes tour used in the case against Kevin Pietersen Oct 8, 2014

     I got Robbie’s mobile number and rang him. It went to his voicemail: ‘Hi, it’s Robbie - whazzup!’ like the Budweiser ad. I never called him back. I thought: ‘I can’t be f****** signing that      Another gem from Roy Keane - this time on abandoning his attempt to sign Robbie Savage for Sunderland Oct 7, 2014

     I told them: 'You don't respect me and you don't respect your words, you treat me like cattle.' They defended their interests and I defended mine      Morgan Schneiderlin opens up about his row with Southampton when he wanted to leave the club in the summer Oct 7, 2014

     Manchester paid for their stupidness and now they have got to recover      Dutch legend Johan Cruyff didn't think much of United's decision to hire David Moyes Oct 6, 2014

     I just thought, 'F***ing prick' - and I stood up and went 'Yeah, I'm off.'      Roy Keane reveals that his exit from Manchester United was exactly how you expected Oct 6, 2014

     I pulled off a few good saves, maybe some world class ones. I probably kept the score under the 30s…It was a great experience and we can take lots of positives.      Cheadle Town goalkeeper Steve Piggot feels he had a good game, despite his side's 22-0 defeat to Russia U-19s Oct 6, 2014

     What a superb performance! It seems his new haircut brought him luck…!      Juan Mata reveals the real explanation behind David De Gea's heroics against Everton Oct 6, 2014

     I don't have any memory of Daniel telling me that he didn't want to train       England manager Roy Hodgson is in no hurry to accept the blame for Daniel Sturridge's injury while on international duty Oct 3, 2014

     I forgot it, didn't I! I'm not used to it. My last hat-trick was probably for [Manchester] United's reserves       Danny Welbeck forgot to pick up his match ball after scoring a hat-trick for Arsenal against Galatasaray Oct 2, 2014

     Some will say: ‘You’re s**t, get rid of you, you little f*****,’ but that’s the world you live in. I can’t control that      Leicester Tigers boss Richard Cockerill on his team's current struggles Oct 1, 2014

     Big CL game & fans would rather Ramsays Kitchen or something at home      Rio Ferdinand tweeted about the empty seats at the Etihad Stadium for Manchester City's 1-1 draw with Roma Oct 1, 2014

     They found a body in there and took it out      Leinster kicking coach Richie Murphy on what they found in Sean O'Brien's ankle Sep 29, 2014

     Whoo! Just realised I've already had 3 of my 5 a day! Tomato, cranberry & lime!      Seems like Lee Westwood and his Europe team-mates carried the celebrations on the morning after winning the Ryder Cup Sep 29, 2014

     You've got one of the best Ryder Cup pairings of all time being sat down on a Saturday afternoon of a Ryder Cup that we go on to lose. I'd say Sergio was fairly useless that afternoon, yeah, because he wasn't able to play      Graeme McDowell leapt to Sergio Garcia's defence after Sir Nick Faldo said the Spaniard was "useless" at Valhalla in 2008 Sep 26, 2014

     There's a lot of things I can say about Nick Faldo, but I'm not going to put myself down to his level      Sergio Gercia responds to comments from Sir Nick Faldo that he was "useless" at Valhalla in 2008 Sep 26, 2014