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     For example, if you lose your hair and you've taken something to make your hair grow, it might not be good for the rest of your body       So come on Arsene Wenger, who's guilty then? Apr 5, 2014

     I don't know which strong words      Jose Mourinho asked to explain his comments about Fernando Torres and his strikers at Chelsea, to which he gave a classic answer Apr 4, 2014

     We've also got what we call soccer       Australia Rugby Union CEO Bill Pulver tells a New Zealand journalist about this new sport Apr 4, 2014

     People who say Chelsea don't have any good strikers don't know anything about football       Nemanja Matic may be called into Jose Mourinho's office for a quiet chat sooner rather than later Apr 3, 2014

     Are you wearing those boots for a bet?      Harlequins prop Joe Marler questions referee Andrew Small's choice of footwear Apr 1, 2014

     It’s like having a choice between two blokes to nick your wife      Safe to say Manchester United legend Gary Neville doesn't want rivals City or Liverpool to win the title Mar 31, 2014

     You can’t always blame the referee for the result      More than a few raised eyebrows as Leicester coach Richard Cockerill gives rare backing an official. Unsurprisingly, his comment came after his side had won Mar 30, 2014

     I don't want to speak on Adonis Stevenson. Adonis Stevenson is a piece of s***. Oh, sorry for my English      Sergey 'Krusher' Kovalev wasn't happy about Adonis Stevenson backing out of a planned fight Mar 30, 2014

     I went to stop I went to stop Azpy [Cesar Azpilicueta]. I was afraid he would lose control of his emotions and push the kid or do something like Eden did last year at Swansea. I told the boy to not do that      Jose Mourinho had his reasons for telling off a naughty ballboy during Chelsea's loss to Crystal Palace Mar 29, 2014

     To be up there with a name such as James Hunt … James Clark … Jim Clark ... Sorry, is really a great honour      Lewis Hamilton is so excited to equal the British record for pole positions that he forgets who it is he is joining in the history books Mar 29, 2014

     I think they would have been better off putting the money into Darren Fletcher's charity      David Moyes gives his verdict on the protest from Manchester United fans who hired a plane to fly over Old Trafford with a banner Mar 29, 2014

     I woke up with a pain in my stomach, just ran for the toilet and got really strong diarrhea. Since then, it starts to go on and on. More diarrhea and then also throwing up and stuff like that. I lost so much of the liquid and all the possible energy I could have.      Tomas Berdych goes into quite some detail about his Miami Master withdrawal Mar 29, 2014

     We need to get it up. I wish I could still get it up, but anyway...      Don't worry, folks, Bernie Ecclestone is talking about the noises of the Formula One cars Mar 28, 2014

     You're having a laugh, you can see it on the replay. He said his racquet was over the net!      Not like Andy Murray to have a go at an umpire. To be fair, he was completely in the right this time when Novak Djokovic crossed the net Mar 27, 2014

     It's probably a typical week for Arsenal, really      It wasn't just Manchester United who took a tongue-lashing from Paul Scholes this week - Arsenal were also given both barrels after following up their 6-0 defeat at Chelsea with a 2-2 home draw against Swansea Mar 26, 2014

     He's not been great, has he?      Understatement of the year from Paul Scholes on Manchester United's £27.5 million summer signing Marouane Fellaini Mar 26, 2014

     When I'm finished I’ll probably go back there, put my rocking chair on the deck and watch my cows get fat      Clermont Auvergne boss Vern Cotter on his plans for life after rugby Mar 26, 2014

     For me, it's something that is part of the sport, fair play. I expect everybody else to do the same. Of course, not everybody's the same, but for me, that's something that's normal. Just a normal, natural reaction      Novak Djokovic was applauded for his sportsmanship after admitting a shot from Tommy Robredo - that had erroneously been called out - clipped the baseline Mar 26, 2014

     I'll probably be at ringside for Mayweather's fight against Maidana and will call him out again in the press conference      Amir Khan still believes he'll face Floyd Mayweather in the future after agreeing to fight on the undercard for Money's fight against Marcos Maidana Mar 25, 2014

     From what I saw Kevin did nothing wrong, in my opinion, but be honest about what was happening      Chris Tremlett has backed Kevin Pietersen over his sacking by England after the Ashes Mar 25, 2014