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     Punching lockers isn't the way forward for anyone. There's only going to be one winner there      Words of wisdom from Ben Stokes Apr 18, 2014

     He's not a machine, no? Sometimes he can play not so good      David Ferrer wasn't as surprised as the rest of us that he was able to beat Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo Apr 18, 2014

     In the life there is much more important things than a tennis match      Rafael Nadal puts his disappointing Monte Carlo Masters quarter-final defeat to David Ferrer in perspective Apr 18, 2014

     They were three times the size of bees and like 30 or 40 of them started to attack me big time. My caddie told me to run, so I start running like a crazy guy, the other players told me to jump in the lake      Pablo Larrazabal found the water hazard on the 14th hole at the Malaysian Open... after diving in to shake off a swarm of attacking hornets Apr 18, 2014

     Last year we were all sizzle and no steak, this year we had a horror start but now we are off like a bride's nightie      Our current favourite quote machine, Honey Badger himself, Nick Cummins, on Western Force's season so far Apr 18, 2014

     Tonight we have to do a lot of guesswork and analyse the issues you have on track       Seems all is not well at Mercedes in China, according to Lewis Hamilton Apr 18, 2014

     Business as usual for Gareth Bale. We could do with him now by the way      Tim Sherwood laments what might have been if Tottenham had held onto their star player in the summer Apr 17, 2014

     You can either be an angel and do what Matt Jarvis did and get a pat on the back off his Nan when he goes home tonight, or he can win his team a penalty       Safe to say Gary Neville wasn't convinced by Jarvis' honesty either Apr 16, 2014

     If there is contact, you should go down and make the referee's mind up for him       Sam Allardyce wasn't too impressed with Matt Jarvis not going to ground at the Emirates Stadium as West Ham lost 3-1 to Arsenal Apr 16, 2014

     I think from the outside it's always exaggerated how the relationships between team-mates are       Fernando Alonso has played down rumours of a rift with fellow Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen Apr 15, 2014

     It's the decision of the boss, he is the manager. He decides who comes in, who comes out, who are the first XI       Lukas Podolski has made his feelings clear to Arsene Wenger Apr 14, 2014

     It would be very disappointing - for football, for the fans, for everyone       Manuel Pellegrini's opinion if Chelsea win the league. Wonder how Jose Mourinho will react? Apr 13, 2014

     I crossed the line more than Osama Bin Laden      The Honey Badger - Nick Cummins - strikes again after his Super Rugby hat-trick Apr 12, 2014

     Some of the fans were yelling, trying to get me mad, but I just kept my head down       Bubba Watson is keeping his cool at the Masters Apr 12, 2014

     It looks like in the future people will look back and ask why these two never fought each other       Floyd Mayweather will never fight Manny Pacquiao because he won't want to risk his undefeated record, says Freddie Roach Apr 11, 2014

     We need to make sure that nobody is drinking more water from the same fountain       Italy Rugby Federation president Alfredo Gavazzi on the ambiguities of the new European rugby deal Apr 9, 2014

     After [the goal] he was fantastic. Fantastic central defender. He reminded me a bit of Didier in the old times when we needed him [in defence] in the last minute       Fresh from saying he didn't have any "real strikers", Jose Mourinho compares Chelsea's Champions League hero Demba Ba to Didier Drogba - but as a centre-back Apr 9, 2014

     You can't lose against Stoke if you aspire to be the next champion       Santi Cazorla believes Arsenal lack a winning mentality Apr 9, 2014

     The Bundesliga’s done, the trophy’s in the museum      Pep Guardiola didn't take too kindly to criticism of Bayern Munich's defeat against Augsberg, when he rotated his side heavily ahead of the clash with Manchester United Apr 9, 2014

     It is not about being able to squat 450 times; it is about getting the ball in the hole       Deep down, Rory McIlroy gets satisfaction from both Apr 8, 2014