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Switch Hit: As big as the Ashes? Switch Hit Podcast: Does England's win in India rank as high as an Ashes win down-under? (30:25) | Dec 18, 2012
Switch Hit Podcast: Captain Cook leads from the front Switch Hit Podcast: Alastair Cook is once again the match winner for England. What can India learn from his no-nonsense batting? (32:46) | Dec 10, 2012
Switch Hit: England's all-round rotation Switch Hit Podcast: Giles for Flower. Finn for Broad? Will England's rotation policy come back to bite them? (32:41) | Dec 3, 2012
Switch Hit: Mumbai magic Switch Hit Podcast: KP and Cook show that England can play spin on the subcontinent while Monty and Swann leave India bamboozled. (31:54) | Nov 27, 2012
Switch Hit: Ahmedabad to worse for England Switch Hit Podcast: With Alastair Cook's marathon innings the only bright spot in their defeat, can things get any worse for England. Are wholesale changes to the team the only way to salvage the tour? (33:35) | Nov 19, 2012
Switch Hit: It's a mystery? Switch Hit Podcast: Are India's 'mystery' spinners a danger to England, or are they a thing of mystery? Plus, will England go 'fitness first' or risk Finn and Broad? (32:41) | Nov 13, 2012
Switch Hit: An opening for Compton Switch Hit Podcast: Is Nick Compton a shoe-in for the second opener spot in the first Test? Plus, could we see a very different England bowling attack Ahmedabad? (31:06) | Nov 6, 2012
Switch Hit: An un-West Indian triumph Switch Hit Podcast: Darren Sammy leads the West Indies to a World T20 win based on team ethic - does this finally spell a change in fortunes for cricket in the Caribbean? (34:47) | Oct 8, 2012
Switch Hit: Can KP be reintegrated? Switch Hit Podcast: Will Kevin Pietersen’s ‘reintegration’ into the England setup turn around the muddled thinking that has blighted the team in recent months? The Switch Hit team look at the wider issues around the batsman’s reconciliation with the ECB. (34:00) | Oct 3, 2012
Switch Hit: England's mental battle Switch Hit Podcast: Is England's failure to deal with spin all in their heads, or does their T20 defeat to India underline their batting deficiencies? The Switch Hit team assess England's performances in their review of the World T20 group stage. (36:24) | Sep 26, 2012
Switch Hit: Pietersen's apology accepted? Switch Hit Podcast: As England prepare for the World T20, KP's involvement in the tour of India hangs in the balance. Can he resolve his differences with both his team mates and management team? (32:51) | Sep 14, 2012
Switch Hit: KP divisions deepen Switch Hit Podcast: Despite attempts to settle the rift, KP and the ECB have never looked further apart. Will the flawed genius ever play for England again? (41:39) | Aug 14, 2012
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