Best of Week 2: A sparkly new turnover chain and a D-lineman's acting skills

Taylor sets career-high in yards, scores hat trick vs. New Mexico (2:17)

Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor rushes for a career-high 253 yards on 33 carries and scores three times in a 45-14 trouncing of New Mexico. (2:17)

We're all clear that college football is the best. And the thing is, this is the best stuff in college football! You can rest assured knowing you're getting your money's worth right here.

We're off and running for Week 2. Come back throughout the day to see what's hot on the streets.

Outstanding performance by a defensive end

Eat your heart out, Susan Lucci. Houston's Isaiah Chambers is hereby nominated for a Daytime Emmy. And why not? He sells it on the field and owns it afterward.

Sideline doodad watch

Last week, we took note of the latest fun and cute and clever rewards that players can reap on the sideline for doing really good things in sports. There's a turnover throne at Boise and a Ric Flair-style turnover robe at Memphis. And Tulane has beads!

Here are this week's offerings:

Miami's turnover chain got a makeover, and Sebastian the Ibis is all shiny, with so many stones.

Sacred Heart is doing more with less, fashioning a chain that features a bottle of glue.

A Mississippi State linebacker made an interception and got to wear a dog collar as a reward.

And on Friday night, SMU showed up with a golden crown and a big cup (a chalice? a goblet?). Either way, teammates get pretty pumped up watching a pretend drink.

A really high five

Kansas State kicker Blake Lynch goes up top for a celebration with holder Colby Moore.

Who says safety can't be stylish?

Boy, this mouthpiece makes Duke's punter look just like ol' Rich Uncle Pennybags, right? (Note: We just googled the Monopoly guy and found out his official name is Rich Uncle Pennybags. Thanks to Austin Parker, Duke's internet-famous punter, for teaching us something today.)

Two returns for a quarter


South Florida's Horne returns 2 TDs in 1 quarter

South Florida's Terrence Horne has himself an opening quarter as he takes two kickoffs to the house against Georgia Tech.

South Florida's Terrence Horne, a true freshman, had consecutive 97- and 98-yard kickoff returns for touchdowns in the first quarter against Georgia Tech.

Serenity now

The Oakland A's, who drafted Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the ninth pick of the MLB draft and signed him to a guaranteed contract worth nearly $5 million, find their game-day viewing experience to be less than optimal. Murray has already run for a 10-yard touchdown in the first half.

Oklahoma dignitaries, meanwhile, are having more fun. Russell Westbrook (wearing a UCLA jersey with "Westbrook" on the back) and Trae Young (wearing an autographed Baker Mayfield Browns jersey) take in the UCLA-Oklahoma game, with Buddy Hield behind them in a Sooners jersey.

Today's uniforms

Aaron Dodson of The Undefeated joins SportsCenter for Gear Up, showing off the college football uniforms that Arizona State, Iowa State, Indiana, Bowling Green, USF, Temple and others will wear today.

Seminoles honoring a legend

It's now fairly common knowledge that the debonair Burt Reynolds, who died Thursday at 82, was a former Florida State running back and Lee Corso's roommate.

According to Seminoles.com, Reynolds even had a lot to do with classing up the Noles' uniforms, including, of course, the shiny pants:

"He went to a costume designer friend in Hollywood, and together they designed all-gold pants and tweaks to the game jersey ... and shipped them, unannounced, to Tallahassee. The crates arrived at the football locker room with a note addressed to Bobby Bowden from Burt that read, 'If you like 'em, wear 'em.' And FSU did."

To honor Reynolds, the Noles are wearing probably the coolest helmet stickers in history. You say, "What? Nobody's ever made 'Smokey and the Bandit' helmet stickers before?!" Well, that's the reason, son!

A Heisman-worthy hamburger

Auburn fans hungry for the taste of greatness, you're in luck. The new Bo Jackson Grill in Jordan-Hare Stadium is serving these beefy, cheesy numbers, appropriately named Bo's Burgers, for the first time this week. Don't want ketchup? That's cool. But I'm not telling him. You tell him.