Bobby Petrino says Louisville's trash talk not that strong

Alabama looking for 74th straight win against unranked teams (1:36)

As Alabama looks to extend its 73-game winning streak against unranked teams, take a look at the numbers behind the streak. (1:36)

Louisville hasn't lacked confidence in its run-up to a season opener against Alabama, but head coach Bobby Petrino said some of the chest-thumping has been misinterpreted by the media.

"My mom used to tell me all the time, don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see," Petrino said. "Obviously, our players have said a few things where only parts of what they said were taken and used as a quote."

Petrino pointed to comments from lineman Lukayus McNeil, who suggested Louisville could dominate Alabama's defensive line.

"Our offensive lineman said we're capable of doing these things," Petrino said, noting that the "capable" part of the quote was left out of some stories.

Indeed, McNeil said Louisville's line was confident that if they played to their potential, the linemen could be successful against Alabama.

"I understand they have a good D front, but we've got a great O-line," McNeil said earlier this week. "So if we can dominate up front, then we're not worried about that defensive line."

Asked to clarify whether he thought that would be the case, McNeil said yes.

"Definitely," McNeil said. "I definitely think we're capable of starting fast and dominating that defensive line."

McNeil's comments follow similar quotes from receiver Dez Fitzpatrick earlier in fall camp, when he said Louisville's receiving corps could consistently win matchups against Alabama's secondary. Petrino also made some headlines with his confident talk to boosters about the Cardinals' chances against the defending champs.

Petrino said he's fine with his team's confidence, and that's necessary against a program like Alabama's.

"We know we're playing a great football team," Petrino said. "We know how well coached they are. We do need to go in there and compete and believe we have an opportunity to win, and play that way, to have that type of confidence."