David Haye hits back at 'jealous' Tony Bellew as he eyes longevity

David Haye has defended his sun-drenched preparations for his fight against Tony Bellew on March 4 and claims he still has a "whole career" ahead of him.

Former heavyweight world titleholder Haye, 36, has fought just twice since July 2012, and he has raised a few eyebrows by spending time on a boat in Miami while his British opponent trained at a gym in Rotherham.

"I've had a lot of time to reflect on my career, and that's culminated in me standing right here, knowing exactly what needs to be done in training to get the best out of myself," Haye told Sky Sports.

"Although I haven't fought in competitive fights for five years, I'm fresh. I haven't taken any big punches, my body is in good condition and I'm ready to go. I feel like I've got a whole career ahead of me."

Bellew has questioned Haye's regimen, but Haye claimed it would bring success against the best in the world.

"He [Bellew] is just jealous because he doesn't get invites to anything, because he's just a real dull character. A moaning, negative, dark-clouds-around-him guy," Haye said

"If I was fighting Anthony Joshua, I would be doing exactly the same training, because I believe this works for me. The training of old doesn't work for me anymore. My body breaks down.

"This type of training, where you incorporate fun, happiness, sunrises, sunbathing -- this works for me. And you'll see come fight night the difference between a happy athlete and an angry athlete."

On Wednesday, Haye suggested a barrier to keep the two fighters apart during their pre-fight news conference after Bellew claimed he was prepared to "smack" his opponent if provoked.

"There needs to be protection. A human being isn't enough," Haye told reporters. "Whatever it is, glass or whatever."

He added: "I'm going to make sure he is not in striking distance. I'd love to have confidence that he will keep his hands to himself, but I don't have any confidence in him, in his mental state.

"Hopefully there will be some sort of precautions put in place."