David Haye will be ready for Tony Bellew despite Miami luxuries

David Haye fights Tony Bellew on March 4. JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

David Haye has been shooting hoops on a luxury yacht, giving out trophies at beach volleyball competitions and posing with smiling celebrities during two months of lavish living in Miami.

He has watched 50 sunsets from his beach, sipped on protein shakes from cocktail glasses, posted selfies with holidaymakers and bragged about the heat in his Miami retreat.

It looks like Haye is simply having a good time, not a hard time in the boxing gym -- and that is his intention with every posted snap of him basking in the sun, enjoying luxuries and sitting back in a large convertible car. Make no mistake, Haye has done the hard sessions, the relentless rounds of sparring with top heavyweights and hungry gym rats. Haye never cuts corners when a fight matters.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, Tony Bellew has prepared for his fight with Haye at the O2 on March 4 in frosty solitude, the old-fashioned way, and has accused Haye of a variety of boxing sins. Nobody can ever fault Bellew's traditional boxing values, but it is equally foolish to dismiss Haye because once again there is a picture of him at a bar, his hair forming a halo against the night-time neon.

"Bellew keeps giving me advice on training," said Haye. "Have you seen the shape of him? Does he really think I'm on the beach all day and in clubs all night? Is he really that stupid?"

Haye is now 36 and his body needs heat, massages, relaxation and the gentle recovery offered when you train and prepare on a yacht valued at £30 million. It is the sweet life; unconventional, but not flawed.

"It's freezing in Britain and that can be tough," added Haye. "I've trained in the heat before and it works. I've trained here in Miami at this exact time before. I know the gyms, know the people and I know the sparring partners I can get."

Working on speed, agility, quickness, with a few new recruits to #TeamHaye Loving #BeachVolleyBall 👌🏾😎

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In 2008, Haye started to prepare for his partial unification of the world cruiserweight title, scheduled for the O2 in March against Enzo Maccarinelli, in Northern Cyprus, but it was too cold so he moved to Miami to finish off. Haye knocked out Maccarinelli in round two after his warm-weather camp.

"Bellew thinks he is in some type of Rocky movie again and that he has to suffer in the cold," continued Haye. "I'm here, in and out of Angelo Dundee's 5th Street gym, sparring some top heavies and then relaxing on the beach. My recovery from hard sessions is better."

Haye was joined in Miami by his trainer, Shane McGuigan, at the start of February and the late arrival of McGuigan raised some eyebrows with the sport's traditionalists. However, McGuigan had been in Las Vegas with Carl Frampton and once the Northern Irishman's fight with Leo Santa Cruz was over, he flew to Haye's training paradise.

Off to the gym. #SouthBeachMiami @shanemcguigan & @dizzeerascal

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Haye had briefly joined him in Las Vegas for another glitzy cameo that was viewed by some as a further sign that he was not taking Bellew seriously.

Haye has often conned his opponents into believing he had not trained, had an injury or was struggling at the weight.

Haye can be correctly accused of many things -- some are even sins inside the boxing business -- but thinking he has cut corners, neglected the dangers of a Bellew fight and run around Miami like a headless celebrity in pursuit of his next five-minutes of fame would be a mistake.

This fight is personal, and Haye likes that very much.