Anthony Joshua: I want to knock out Tyson Fury and take his Rolex

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Anthony Joshua is aiming for a world title fight by the end of 2016 but still has his eyes set on winning one of Tyson Fury's most valued possessions.

The undefeated Joshua - who has 13 straight stoppage wins to his name - is excited at the prospect of an all-British bout with Fury, with the prize being his fellow Brit's Rolex.

His desire to win the watch formed during Joshua's amateur days when Fury put his prized possession on the line when the two sparred together.

"I didn't even know who he was because I wasn't a boxing fan at all, I just heard this big guy from Manchester had said that anyone who knocks him out can have his Rolex. He said it in the Boxing News. So my coach said 'if you want that Rolex, take it to him' - so I went to war.

"It wasn't technical - he was holding on with one hand and trying to hit with the other, low blowing me and all sorts.

"I'll remind him of that promise. If we fight down the line I want the watch on the line again. I've only got a rubber G-Shock now and I want that Rolly."

The 2012 Olympic gold medalist still has scheduled fights against the undefeated pair of Gary Cornish and Dillian Whyte before he can focus his full attention on claiming Fury's timepiece, while the Manchester boxer himself has a world title shot against Wladimir Klitschko on Oct. 24.

And whilst an encounter with Fury is definitely high on the wish list for Joshua, he still hopes Klitschko comes out victorious over his British counterpart.

"For sure, if Fury wins then me against him would be so good for the division over here.

"But I'd prefer Klitschko to win - I'm going to get the belt regardless and I'd just like Klitschko to win."

Joshua's last challenger was the experienced Kevin Johnson, but it just took two of the scheduled 10 rounds for the Brit to dismantle the American, increasing the call for a step up in the quality of his opponents.

And the 25-year-old has received just that. He takes on the dominant Gary Cornish on the Sep. 12 at the O2 Arena for the vacant Commonwealth Heavyweight title before looking ahead to a British Heavyweight title fight and if all goes to plan, Joshua's chance to claim Fury's watch could become reality in the not so distant future.