Apr 18, 2014

A long way from home

Which postwar British fighter held the European heavyweight title but never the British one?
Apr 16, 2014

Klitschko dethroned?

I am arguing with my friend, who thinks Vitali Klitschko is still a world champion - I thought he had retired. Who's right?
Mar 29, 2014

Newcastle's boxing hero

I once met a Geordie boxer who had apparently been the world cruiserweight champion. Who was this?
Mar 12, 2014

A Q of world champions

Is Scott Quigg the only world boxing champion whose surname begins with Q?
Jan 28, 2014

Keeping up with the Klitschkos

I get confused by the Klitschko brothers, specifically which of them has fought who. Which British fighters have the brothers faced in the ring?
Dec 30, 2013

Life in the old dog...or alien

I noticed that Bernard Hopkins, who is nearly 49, is still a world champion. Is he the oldest boxer to hold a world title?
Dec 21, 2013

Early success for British boxers

Which British boxer won a world title in his sixth professional fight?
Nov 23, 2013

Macklin the 'Tipperary Tornado'

Why is the British boxer Matt Macklin known as the "Tipperary Tornado", since he was born in Birmingham?
Nov 19, 2013

Not so sweet for Sugar Ray outside USA

Is it right that the great Sugar Ray Leonard had only one fight outside America - and lost it?
Oct 10, 2013

World champion... without winning?

How was Ken Norton a world champion when, if I read his obituary correctly, he never won a world title fight?
Sep 9, 2013

Home advantage or home cheating?

The recent draw between Ricky Burns and Raymundo Bertran in Glasgow was widely described as a "hometown decision". What was the worst such result in boxing history?
Aug 9, 2013

The second Battle of Britain

I remember the "Battle of Britain" between Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno in Cardiff. How many other world heavyweight title fights have featured two people from the same country, other than the USA?
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