Apr 13, 2014

You can keep your green jacket on

I'm a great admirer of Adam Scott, and wondered how many golfers had retained the Masters title?
Apr 10, 2014

Major misery

Which man has been involved in the most play-offs for a golf major without ever winning one?
Mar 24, 2014

Masters of their own domain?

How many overseas golfers have won the US Masters?
Mar 19, 2014

A WGC in GB?

Have any of the World Golf Championship tournaments ever been played in Britain?
Mar 13, 2014

Golf's youngest major winner

Patrick Reed was, at 23, the youngest winner of a World Golf Championship event when he won the Cadillac in 2014. But who's the youngest man to win a major?
Mar 10, 2014

The fabulous five

Why are there five majors in women's golf?
Feb 4, 2014

Singh when you're winning

Which non-American golfer has won the most tournaments on the American PGA Tour?
Dec 20, 2013

Woods on top of the world

Tiger Woods recently returned to the top of the golf rankings. Has he been No. 1 more than anyone else? And who had the shortest spell at the top?
Dec 9, 2013

The Brazil of golf's World Cup

Australia recently won golf's World Cup. Have they won it before? And which player has won it most often?
Dec 1, 2013

Tour confusion

I was confused to see a European Tour golf event on the TV at the end of November. I thought the 2013 season had finished?
Nov 27, 2013

A major wait for success

Which golfer had the longest gap between major wins?
Nov 24, 2013

Sandy Lyle and the 'fifth major'

How many British golfers have won the Tournament Players Championship?
Nov 20, 2013

Tiger the top man on tour

How many times has Tiger Woods finished as the top money-winner, and is it the most by anyone?
Oct 3, 2013

What of the golf World Cup?

What has happened to the golf World Cup, which used to be an annual event?
Sep 17, 2013

Dufner hits golf's 63 barrier

Jason Dufner shot a 63 in the PGA Championship. Have there been any lower rounds in a major?
Aug 18, 2013

Weir today, gone tomorrow

Mike Weir is the only Canadian golfer to win a major. Are there any other countries with just one major win to their names?
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