september 18 , 2014

Out there on their own

The Inside Line on how team radio has been used to spin a narrative to the TV audience and how the new restrictions will change it
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September 16 , 2014

Singapore: Doing it right since 2008

The Inside Line looks at what makes the Singapore Grand Prix such a hit every year and why new venues should follow its example if they too want to be a success
September 15 , 2014

The costly thirst for victory

The Inside Line looks at the effect dehydration has on drivers in the latter stages of races and why it might be robbing fans of even greater racing than we've seen in 2014 so far
September 6 , 2014

The 2015 season turns, turns, turns

The Inside Line speculates about next season's calendar and where the new race in Mexico will fit in
September 5 , 2014

Will F1 go to Russia?

The Inside Line looks at whether pressure from the EU and NATO will be enough to stop Formula One going racing in Russia
September 5 , 2014

La pista magica

"Scary, beautiful, passionate, and pregnant with history" - The Inside Line captures everything that is so special about Monza
August 24 , 2014

War declared

The Inside Line looks at how Mercedes' Spa nightmare will impact racing for the rest of the season
August 23 , 2014

We don't need no education

The Inside Line agrees with Adrian Newey that too many young drivers are abandoning a traditional education in pursuit of their motorsport careers
August 22 , 2014

The fountain of youth

The Inside Line looks at why the job facing Max Verstappen is an even more daunting one than any young driver has faced before
August 4 , 2014

The point to double points

The Inside Line looks at the reasons behind the double points rule and how to make it more palatable for fans
August 1 , 2014

The long road to summer

The Inside Line explains why Formula One needs a four-week break in the middle of the season
July 29 , 2014

Mr Fix-It

The Inside Line asks whether Flavio Briatore is really the best man to be tasked with fixing Formula One
July 26 , 2014

Christian Horner was wrong

The Inside Line takes Christian Horner to task over his FIA press conference outburst in Hungary
July 20 , 2014

'Respect mah authoritah'

The Inside Line explains why Jean Todt needs to take a leaf from Eric Cartman's book and toughen up
July 18 , 2014

Does anyone actually give a FRIC?

The Inside Line believes the whole furore over FRIC was a storm in a tea cup which Formula One would have done well to play down as a news item before Hockenheim
July 18 , 2014

Anyone for schnitzel?

Kate Walker reports on how the press pack is coping in the midst of Schnitzel Season in the Formula One paddock
July 9 , 2014

Accentuate the positives

The Inside Line picks through the plans to make F1 more exciting and appealing to fans to see which make sense and which ones are likely to fall short
July 6 , 2014

Hamilton shows the mark of maturity

The Inside Line believes Lewis Hamilton's victory at Silverstone is further evidence he is learning F1 is not all about being a thoroughbred racer
July 5 , 2014

Bernie and the great buyback

The Inside Line looks at the realities of Bernie Ecclestone's plans to attempt to buy back a major stake in Formula One
July 3 , 2014

A new approach from Bernie?

The Inside Line looks at the reasons behind Bernie Ecclestone's threat to axe the Italian Grand Prix from future calendars
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Kate Walker is the editor of GP Week magazine and a freelance contributor to ESPN. A member of the F1 travelling circus since 2010, her unique approach to Formula One coverage has been described as 'a collection of culinary reviews and food pictures from exotic locales that just happen to be playing host to a grand prix'.