april 20 , 2014

F1 fight club

The Inside Line looks at how the current divisions between some of the biggest teams could be exploited for the good of Formula One
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April 19 , 2014

Play it again, Sam

The Inside Line sounds yet another warning that smaller teams will struggle to exist without the help of a cost cap
April 17 , 2014

Shanghai: We love it, we love it not

The Inside Line looks at the reasons why the Shanghai experience gets an unfair review every season from many on F1's travelling circus
April 10 , 2014

The gathering storm

The Inside Line looks at why the sporting side of Formula One will take a backseat in the coming weeks as politics and appeals take centre stage
April 6 , 2014

Alive and kicking

The vocal critics of Formula One's brave new world left the Bahrain paddock with egg on their faces this evening
April 5 , 2014

F1 will eat itself

The Inside Line warns against the vocal criticism some members of the Formula One paddock have aimed at the sport this year
April 5 , 2014

Embracing the night

BIC chairman Zayed R Alzayani tells The Inside Line why he expects more circuits to follow in its footsteps and switch to a night race
April 4 , 2014

Change the attitude, not the regulations

The Inside Line explains why the great driver weight debate is symptomatic of the competitive edge that runs through the Formula One paddock
March 31 , 2014

Charlie Whiting opens up about the new formula

The Inside Line talks to Charlie Whiting about some of the complexities and objectives of the new look Formula One for 2014
March 30 , 2014

Behind the scenes at a rain delay

Ever wondered what's happening off track when nothing is happening on track? The Inside Line gives the inside story on how to pass time when the rain comes
March 29 , 2014

More fuel me...

Thought you knew about fuel sensors? Think again. The Inside Line reports back on an impromptu engineering lesson from FIA head of powertrain Fabrice Lom
March 28 , 2014

Sculpting a story

The Inside Line explains why you should be on your guard when digesting some of the quotes that are attributed to drivers in news stories
March 17 , 2014

The more things change...

The Inside Line on why F1's new era of change is not all that different from the years which have preceded it
March 15 , 2014

Confessions of a grumpy old man

The Inside Line on why we should not be writing off the new-look (and new-sound) Formula One so quickly
March 14 , 2014

Sandbags and glad-rags

The Inside Line looks at the changing perceptions of the pecking order after the first day of proper running at the Australian Grand Prix
March 13 , 2014

Worst-case scenarios

"The FIA gets it. Charlie Whiting gets it. It's time the naysayers got it."The Inside Line on F1's lean and green message ahead of the new campaign
March 10 , 2014

The Indian blame game

"We like to think that our host countries need us more than we need them. We are wrong." The Inside Line looks at the likelihood of the Indian Grand Prix disappearing from the calendar entirely
March 6 , 2014

The future of Formula One

With Bernie Ecclestone hinting at retirement and the sport in a state of political flux, the Inside Line looks at what the future holds for Formula One post-Ecclestone
March 5 , 2014

The Baku reality facing Bernie

The Inside Line asseses the job Azerbaijan has on its hands if Bernie Ecclestone's plan to host a race in Baku in 2015 or 2016 comes to pass
February 24 , 2014

Power and the girl racers

The Inside Line looks at the drive to get more women involved in motorsport at all levels in all parts of the world
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Kate Walker is the editor of GP Week magazine and a freelance contributor to ESPN. A member of the F1 travelling circus since 2010, her unique approach to Formula One coverage has been described as 'a collection of culinary reviews and food pictures from exotic locales that just happen to be playing host to a grand prix'.