january 31 , 2015

Red Bull does it right

The Inside Line thinks more teams should follow Red Bull's approach to the media in the age of sponsor-heavy press events and car launches
Daniil Kvyat shows off his skiing skills  © Getty Images
January 31 , 2015

Easy is relative

The Inside Line looks at the reasons F1 bosses and drivers are pushing for a switch to 1000bhp engines and how it could separate the great from the good
January 30 , 2015

The only way is up

The Inside Line looks at how three of F1's oldest teams are looking to the future in the hope of forgetting 2014
January 27 , 2015

Streiff and the joy of silence

The Inside Line looks at why is is so careless for former F1 drivers to make public statements about the private medical conditions of anyone else, following Philippe Strieff's run in with the FIA
January 26 , 2015

Germany - will we, won't we?

With uncertainty the German Grand Prix will even go ahead in 2015 The Inside Line looks at how such a messy situation came into being
January 22 , 2015

F1's new (old) frontier?

The Inside Line explains why Bernie Ecclestone's recent comments about a race in Cape Town are a scare tactic to speed discussions for a grand prix somewhere else in Africa
January 19 , 2015

The heartening tale of 'Little Alonso'

The Inside Line looks at six-year-old prodigy Rashid al-Dhaheri, dubbed 'Little Alonso', and why his story is encouraging as F1 continues to take new steps across the globe
January 16 , 2015

The Prancing Horse gets bullish

Ferrari already appears primed for a resurgence and The Inside Line believes president Sergio Marchionne's recent comments signal a change of attitude at Maranello
January 15 , 2015

Winds of change

The Inside Line looks at whether recent developments at Silverstone and Sepang indicate positive changes are afoot for fans of Formula One
January 8 , 2015

A fair paradox

The Inside Line explains why it is fair Honda will be held to a homologation deadline in 2015 when its rivals will not
December 30 , 2014

Porsche Supercup: Striking a balance

The second part of The Inside Line's interview with Jonas Krauss, chief of the Porsche Supercup series, on expanding the series along the same lines as F1
December 29 , 2014

Porsche Supercup: A different path

The Inside Line speaks to Jonas Kruass, head of the F1 support series Porsche Supercup, on what the series is and what it offers drivers young and old
December 24 , 2014

Kate Walker's alternative season review

Bored of top tens and praise for Mercedes? The Inside Line gives her alternative season review from pinch-yourself moments to the best place to party
December 18 , 2014

Making the FIA a real global player

Formula One is a sport known for champagne and shunts, but how can it use it's knowledge for good out in the big wide world? The Inside Line investigates
December 15 , 2014

McLaren money musings

The Inside Line ponders why McLaren's major investors are willing to give up a piece of the pie as Ron Dennis' campaign to secure majority control gathers pace
December 2 , 2014

Waiting for the EU

The Inside Line looks at the EU's decision to investigate the governance of Formula One and why it could be about to open Pandora's box
November 22 , 2014

Two smart cookies, one big mistake

With the winds of change blowing at Ferrari, The Inside Line looks at Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso's imminent moves and why one of them has made the wrong choice
November 22 , 2014

Strategic planning review

The F1 Strategy Group was tasked with ensuring the future direction of the sport this year but what has it actually achieved? The Inside Line casts a critical eye
November 14 , 2014

The team which brings F1 to you

The Inside Line looks at the team behind F1's coverage and why they have to learn to think more like a racing team than a tech firm or a business venture
November 12 , 2014

Can crowdfunding save Caterham?

The Inside Line looks at Caterham's plans to make the final race by crowd sourcing funds and whether, if successful, it would allow the team to race in 2015
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Kate Walker is the editor of GP Week magazine and a freelance contributor to ESPN. A member of the F1 travelling circus since 2010, her unique approach to Formula One coverage has been described as 'a collection of culinary reviews and food pictures from exotic locales that just happen to be playing host to a grand prix'.