Can the Cleveland Indians win out?

The Cleveland Indians have won an AL-record 22 consecutive games. Could they make it 37 in a row? David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

FiveThirtyEight gives the Cleveland Indians a 10 percent chance of breaking the record for the longest winning streak in MLB history -- a 26-game streak set by the New York Giants in 1916.

The Indians have 15 games left this season with their streak standing at 22 after Thursday night's win over the Royals. Could they make this a 37-game winning streak?

Of course that’s unlikely, but they're not scheduled to face a starting pitcher the rest of the season who would immediately make you think the Indians won't win that game.

The 15 starting pitchers that Cleveland is expected to face have combined for a 4.65 ERA this season, which would rank 49th out of 65 qualified starters this year.


  • The Indians are scheduled to face just three starters with an ERA of less than 4.00 (and one of those is Lucas Giolito, who has made five starts this season).

  • They are scheduled to face five starters with an ERA of more than 5.00 (and two of those have an ERA at 6.00 or higher).

  • Cleveland is likely to face Ricky Nolasco, who has allowed the third most home runs in the majors this season (34).

  • The 15 starters have allowed a .788 OPS this season. That's the same OPS that the Padres' Wil Myers has this year.

  • The 15 starters have allowed a home run every 26 at-bats. That is about the same rate that Corey Seager and Nomar Mazara have this season.