Malcolm Jenkins calls Steph Curry 'front-runner' at Super Bowl, apologizes

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins offered an apology -- or at least a "my bad" to Stephen Curry for calling him a "front-runner" while mic'd up prior to Super Bowl LII.

Jenkins spotted Curry on the New England Patriots sideline wearing red, and identified him as a fan of the opponent.

"See, I knew I didn't like Steph Curry," he said to a teammate. "That's your boy, Steph Curry. Front-runner."

Curry saw the clip and reached out to Jenkins to let him know he was repping not the Patriots, but the Minnehaha Redhawks. Apparently, Curry is tight with someone with ties to the Minneapolis-based school.

Jenkins offered a mea culpa in return.

Thus marking one of the few times a Twitter interaction de-escalated a situation.