How much everything costs at Super Bowl LII: From $6 water to $200 souvenirs

The food options at the Super Bowl (1:27)

From crab fries to specialty burgers, ESPN's Darren Rovell goes through all the tasty treats available at U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII. (1:27)

A commemorative football? $215. A bottle of water? $6. A slice of pizza with a souvenir soda? $21.

Yes, tickets to get into Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis are expensive, but so are the food, drinks and souvenirs inside.

Here's a quick sampling of how much fans will pay for some notable items:

Commemorative footballs and Starter jackets are among the priciest souvenirs available:

Looking for an authentic Super Bowl football, its only $215 inside U.S. Bank Stadium.

John Pluym, ESPN

Check out this throwback. Old school Starter jackets sure to keep you warm beyond Super Bowl LII for $150.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

While hoodies are among the (relatively) more affordable:

Commemorate your time at Super Bowl LII with an $80 hoodie.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

But there are a range of options:

Cheapest item you'll find at most of these stands is a $5 pennant. The most expensive? A $110 Super Bowl LII quarter zip pull over.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

Specialty cocktail offerings include the "J-Tea":

Here's the cocktail Super Bowl goers can buy to commemorate Justin Timberlake's halftime performance. 20 ounces for $35

Darren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer

And then, of course, there are the comparatively inexpensive staples:

Might be the cheapest beer you'll find today. Aluminum cans of Bud Light will cost you $15.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

There's beer and food pairings:

Single slice of pizza and a domestic beer will set you back $24. Not much different than the price of such during a Vikings game.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

There are snacks as cheap as $4 and sandwiches and salads for $14:

The in-stadium drink and snack menu at the Super Bowl.

Arash Markazi, ESPN Senior Writer

A double cocktail will run fans more than most food. And yes, that says $6 for bottled water:

Drink prices on the 300 level in U.S. Bank Stadium.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

Fans will have to reach deep into their wallets before even getting into the stadium:

Bargain deals for parking about 6-7 blocks from the stadium. You'd be surprised how many cars you can fit into a lot for $100 dollars a pop.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer

But everyone in attendance will get at least one free thing to take home:

Something free? There's one of these cups in every seat in the stadium.

Chris Sprow, ESPN.com