Patriots will wear white jerseys in Super Bowl LI

Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots will wear their road white jerseys in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, the team confirmed on Tuesday. So let's go to the "jersey history" file to see what that means from a historical perspective:

Blue: 2-2

XXXVI (20-17 win over Rams)

XXXVIII (32-39 win over Panthers)

XLII (17-14 loss to Giants)

XLVI (21-17 loss to Giants)

Red: 0-1

XX (46-10 loss to Bears)

White: 2-1

XXXI (35-21 loss to Packers)

XXXIX (24-21 win over Eagles)

XLIX (28-24 win over Seahawks)

Updating this NFL.com story from 2014 with the most recent Super Bowl victories by the Patriots and Broncos (both of whom wore white), teams that have donned white have won 10 of the last 11 Super Bowls.