Bills, not the Browns, have NFL's longest Super Bowl odds

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Are the Buffalo Bills the new Cleveland Browns?

Yes, according to some oddsmakers in Las Vegas. Despite the Browns finishing 0-16 last season and the Bills snapping a 17-year postseason drought with a 9-7 record in 2017, Bovada has given the Bills the longest odds to win the 2019 Super Bowl.

With 200-to-1 odds to win Super Bowl LIII, the Bills are longer shots than the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, all at 150-to-1. The Browns have 75-to-1 odds.

The Bills' odds from Bovada are longer than last season, when they began with 150-to-1 odds to win Super Bowl LII. The Browns, Jets and San Francisco 49ers all shared the longest odds at 300-to-1.

Bovada also pegs the Bills with the longest odds (11-2) to make the playoffs. The over/under for wins for the Bills is six, tied with the Jets and more than only the Browns and Cardinals, both at 5.5 wins.

Here is what some members of the Bills said this week about being perceived as the NFL's worst team entering this season:

Coach Sean McDermott

"We're just focused on the Ravens. [There is] one game right now, [and] we're focused on the Ravens."

(How do you show people you're confident?) "Listen, there's a lot of guys in our room and it's not the first time [we've heard doubts], myself included, so we're going to take it one day at a time and one game at a time."

Running back LeSean McCoy

"[Longer odds] than the Browns? Dang. Is Vegas always right? What do you think? Now listen, I'm a huge [Muhammad] Ali fan. Do you the odds when Ali fought Sonny Liston [in 1964]? He was [22] years old. Do you know? [8-1]. Do you know how much money Vegas lost on that? Tons of millions. So I don't really buy into all odds or all of that. Unless you're going against the [Golden State] Warriors. Then we got no chance."

Left tackle Dion Dawkins

"You [reporters] are the only guys that make us think about stuff like that. And you guys are the guys who brought that s--- into the locker room. So you can take that and go somewhere with it. Because I would have never even heard of that until you said it. But that's how I feel about it."

(Does it motivate players?) "I don't think nobody else really knows about it. So it doesn't motivate us. It doesn't demote us. It's just outside noise that we really don't need. But, hey, you brought it into the locker room, so now it's in here. So I appreciate you for bringing it in here."

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander

"Everybody has their opinion. I don't think we've ever really had a lot of respect, obviously, in this local history with the Bills, as far as being respected nationally. And I think everybody feels like last year was a fluke and it's up to us and the guys in this locker room, coaches included, to put the work in and go out and prove everybody wrong. And it's not really about proving them wrong. We know what we're capable of doing; we just have to go out there and play good football, and time will tell. We start last and finish where we finish. But we have to play the game first."

(Do you talk about it?) "No. I mean, obviously guys see it because you're on social media. It comes across your timeline or what not. Coach may sometimes reference the general perception of us versus the world mentality. But it's never like, 'We're ranked 32.' It's never anything like that. I think if you're competitive at all, it does kind of rub you the wrong way. It is what it is, but we have to go out there and play games and make people eat their words at the end of the day."

Wide receiver Zay Jones

"Personally, me, I don't gamble. I don't even know how it works. Like, the odd things. So I don't pay attention to that. To me personally, it's not like some type of sob story. I'm the type of person where I've been told you can't do something your whole life. So it's nothing new to me. As a team, I don't think anyone is reading too deep into that stuff because we know things change, how the season progresses and any given Sunday, someone can win. I know it's cliché, but that's the reality of the situation. I'm not gonna look too deep into it."

Safety Micah Hyde

"We don't really pay attention to it. Obviously it can be fuel to our fire, but no offense to you guys, but we could care less about what you guys are talking about. But it only matters about who is in this locker room, and what we think and what we're able to do."