QB critic Jalen Ramsey praises Lamar Jackson: 'He's the truth'

Known as one of the harshest quarterback critics in the NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey heaped high praise on Lamar Jackson at this week's Pro Bowl.

Ramsey referred to the Baltimore Ravens rookie as "the truth."

"I think last year around draft time, I tweeted that he should have been the No. 1 pick," Ramsey told the Ravens' website. "That’s nothing to nobody else. I just thought he was that good."

This is quite a compliment when you consider how tough Ramsey has been in evaluating quarterbacks. Last August, Ramsey ripped several quarterbacks in an interview with GQ magazine, calling Buffalo Bills rookie Josh Allen "trash" and describing Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as "overrated." He took shots at Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger, Indianapolis' Andrew Luck and Eli Manning of the New York Giants.

Ramsey even gave a less-than-steller review of Joe Flacco. "Just being honest about it, Flacco sucks," Ramsey told GQ. "I played him two years in a row. He sucks."

In that same interview, Ramsey had a much different take on Jackson, saying he would've selected Jackson earlier than the last pick in the first round of the 2018 draft. Jackson went on to replace an injured Flacco around midseason and led Baltimore to its first AFC North title in six years.

Jackson went 6-1 in the regular season, which was the second-best record by a rookie quarterback in his first seven starts since the 1970 merger. His 695 yards rushing led all NFL quarterbacks this season and ranked No. 11 by a quarterback in a single season in NFL history.

"He came in this year and did a greet job leading the Ravens to the playoffs," Ramsey said. "Yeah, that’s my guy."