Falcons' Matt Bryant on contract: 'We're going to get something done'

Matt Bryant isn't the type to scream "show me the money," but the veteran's reaction to another kicker getting a new contract spoke volumes.

When asked if he noticed Tennessee rewarding Ryan Succop, 31, with a five-year deal reportedly worth $20 million, Bryant said, "Sure you do. It's um ... yeah, you do."

Bryant, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent and made $2.75 million last season, should expect a new contract from the Atlanta Falcons. Bryant told ESPN his agent, Jordon Woy, has had multiple conversations with the team already.

"From my understanding, there have been several calls that have said we're going to get something done," Bryant said. "So, wanting me back, that's what they've told my agent."

The feeling is mutual from Bryant's perspective.

"I've been here nine years, I've set probably every franchise record there is for a kicker, and my kids are in school here, so we've done everything here for the last nine years," Bryant said. "There's a lot of good guys on the team right now. Obviously, everybody's a lot younger than me, so there's a big gap. But I still enjoy going to work and being around everybody and being a part of this team.

"We were so close [to a Super Bowl title] two years ago. With what seemed like things not clicking, we still got close again this year. So the opportunity to win the thing is here now. It would be good to be a part of it."

Bryant, who turns 43 in May, has been invaluable to the Falcons, connecting on 88.1 percent of his field goals in nine seasons, including 78 percent from beyond 50 yards. He holds the franchise record with 1,029 points and led the league in scoring as a first-time Pro Bowler in 2016 with 158 points.

As general manager Thomas Dimitroff stated, Bryant continues to "fight age" and perform at a high level. Bryant admitted doing so was a tough battle the last few year while dealing with various injuries. He had a scare this past season during pregame warm-ups of a Week 9 matchup against Carolina when he ruptured the plantatis tendon in his right kicking leg.

"I kicked a 53-yarder early in the game, and it hurt pretty good because the thing was ruptured," Bryant said. "Come to find out it's kind of like your appendix: You don't necessarily need it. There was no surgery. Sometimes people mistake it for an Achilles' tear because it's kind of in the same area."

Bryant consulted with fellow kicker Phil Dawson, who had the same injury back in 2009, and decided to undergo platelet-rich plasma [PRP] therapy. It helped him finished the season strong, including 5-of-5 field goals in the season finale against the Panthers and 5-of-5 field goals in the playoffs against the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles.

Bryant believes he has plenty left.

"I feel like as long as I can be significant, I'll keep doing it," Bryant said without saying exactly how many years he intends to keep playing. "I don't ever want it to be a situation where it's like, "OK, we have to let the punter kick the 50-yarder because this guy can't do it.' You know what I'm saying? The ability to kick 50 plus is still there. The accuracy is there as well."

Bryant isn't worried about his body breaking down. He believes he takes good care of himself, plus the Falcons don't overextend him in practice. They brought in Mike Meyer several times last season to handle practice kicks while Bryant dealt with nagging injuries.

"It's my will to succeed," Bryant said of defying age. "Last season wasn't a bed of roses, but I still had the will to go out there and do my job, keep living my dream, and succeed and what I do.

"I think most good teams, as much as probably people don't like to admit, there's usually a good quarterback and a pretty good kicker. In our league, I forgot what the stat is, but like so many games were determined by four points or less. You've got to be able to make your kicks."

Bryant has made those kicks, over and over again.