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Katarina Johnson-Thompson breaks the British long-jump record

Katarina Johnson-Thompson breaks the British long-jump record © Getty Images


  • Relay champions

    Relay champions

    Who has won the most relay golds at the world athletics championships?

  • Running up records

    Running up records

    Dennis Kimetto recently set a new world record in the marathon. It was in Berlin, where this record often seems to go. Has the London Marathon ever seen a world record?

  • Nuclear power

    Nuclear power

    Which athlete was nicknamed 'The Mighty Atom'?

  • Triple shot

    Triple shot

    Apparently there was one event in the European Athletics Championships where the same three individuals got the medals three times running. Which event was it?!

  • Record breakers

    Record breakers

    The British women's sprint relay team recently broke a record. Which one?

  • Great Dane of Africa

    Great Dane of Africa

    Which track world champion was born on the verandah?

  • Dope wars

    Dope wars

    Who was the first person to be disqualified from the Olympics for drug use?

  • Just who was Emsley Carr?

    Just who was Emsley Carr?

    I remember when I was younger watching Steve Ovett and Seb Coe winning a race called the Emsley Carr Mile. Does it still take place? And who was Emsley Carr?!

  • Bannister's major races

    Bannister's major races

    Is it true that Roger Bannister never won a race at a major championship?

  • Gone in 60 metres

    Gone in 60 metres

    Was Richard Kilty the first Brit to win the 60 metres at the World Indoor Championships?

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