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Tennis Video: Federer and Tsonga through to third round

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The cover of October 1974's 'The Ring' magazine - today marks the 40th anniversary of the 'Rumble in the Jungle' between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman © Getty Images

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  • Going back to the jungle

    Going back to the jungle

    On the 40th anniversary of the Rumble in the Jungle, Steve Bunce takes an alternative look at the famous fight

  • 'Kovalev will end Hopkins' career'

    'Kovalev will end Hopkins' career'

    Russian is part of the new breed and is in a different league to the 49-year-old, Nathan Cleverly tells Inside Boxing

  • Taking one for the team

    Taking one for the team

    Simon Barnes asks what kind of game spectators really want as Chelsea lead the way in drowning football's drama in cynicism

  • Djokovic can still be the daddy

    Djokovic can still be the daddy

    The world No.1 will have to adjust to the realities of parenting on tour, writes Mark Hodgkinson, but it shouldn't stop him from achieving his ambitions in tennis

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  • Southern love

    Southern love

    Watching the sun beat down during a warm Russian GP, it amazed me that they held the Winter Olympics there. Was Sochi the most southerly Winter Games venue ever?

  • Running up records

    Running up records

    Dennis Kimetto recently set a new world record in the marathon. It was in Berlin, where this record often seems to go. Has the London Marathon ever seen a world record?

  • Euro ever-presents

    Euro ever-presents

    As the qualifying for the European Championship football gets into full swing, has there been an ever-present team at the finals, like Brazil at the World Cup?

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